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I teach Bible-based solutions to the chronic spiritual anxiety of religious OCD.

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Hi, I'm Jaimie, your scrupulosity coach. I have over 10 years of ministry experience and a few religion degrees, but more importantly, I've walked the OCD road myself. I understand the confusion and pain you're in, and I'm here to help you enter God's rest.

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Jaimie helped me so much! She is so reassuring, encouraging, and so willing to help as she really does want to see you succeed at beating your scrupulosity for good! She helped me to explore God's comforting words about scrupulosity by looking at scripture. Seeing how God is fighting for me, and is not mad at me for having intrusive thoughts towards Him made my journey of getting over scrupulosity so much easier knowing that He was on my side through it all! I wouldn't be where I am today without her help!

Isabelle, Oklahoma

I have been struggling with religious issues for decades and can't tell you how relieved I was to find someone who actually understands the battle the scrupulous person faces.  Jaimie has fought this fight and graciously walks the path to recovery alongside her clients.  Her resources are well thought out and, praise the Lord, biblically sound!  ...Her steps have helped me grow my faith as well as understand the medical aspect of OCD.  She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate...Jaimie and her scrupulosity program have been a tremendous blessing to me.

Sergei, Pennsylvania 

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  • 5 Foundations for Scrupulosity Recovery
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  • Turning Down the Volume of Intrusive Thoughts
  • Finding Assurance of Salvation: A Primer*
  • Why Blasphemous Thoughts Won’t Hurt You*
  • Personality and Lifestyle Factors Affecting OCD*

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