jaimie eckert scrupulosity

I’m Jaimie Eckert. As a scrupulosity coach, I help people with scrupulosity OCD get out of their heads and rediscover a thriving relationship with God. I founded scrupulosity.com to help others work through the same issues that used to trip me up in my own spiritual walk. I create informative blog posts, worksheets, and quizzes that you can find for free on this website, and I also host group and one-on-one coaching sessions to walk you through recovery.

But you may be wondering about me. Who am I? Let me answer a few of the most common questions I get.

Where are you from?

This is a complicated question. I was born in Hawaii, grew up in Florida, spent a few years in Tennessee, a few years in Arkansas, and most recently, seven years in Beirut, Lebanon. My husband and I are currently living just north of Washington DC.

As a scrupulosity coach, what’s your educational and professional background?

I have two BA degrees — one in elementary education and one in Biblical Studies. I have an MA in Islamic Studies and a doctoral degree in missiology (the study of Christian mission).

I have over 12 years of ministry experience, which has included Bible teaching, cross-cultural evangelism, and compassion work for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. I’ve also done extensive work as a Christian writer and editor.

After helping many people work through their scrupulous obsessions and compulsions over the last few years, I simply didn’t have time to help as many people as I wished while keeping my former job. So in late 2019 I decided to go full-time as a scrupulosity coach.

Are you a therapist?

No, I am not a mental health provider of any kind. I am not a therapist, counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist, and I do not provide therapeutic treatment. And for that reason, no, I don’t accept insurance.

I’m here to support you theologically, spiritually, and practically. Certainly, we talk a lot about how OCD works, because we need to know how it is infecting our spiritual lives. But in this process, I cannot diagnose you, I cannot give you advise on medications, and I cannot do interventions like CBT or ERP.

We’ll spend our time in Scripture, dealing with the deep heart matters of how we view God, how we view ourselves, and how the gentle power of Jesus can help us let go of our obsessions and compulsions.

As a scrupulosity coach, will you work with my denominational background?

Absolutely. I have worked with people of many backgrounds, including Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Non-Denominational, Catholic, Charismatic, Seventh-day Adventist, Reformed, Episcopalian, Hindu, and Muslim, just to name the ones that come to mind.

I try my best to be sensitive to the nuanced views each person brings with them to the table. Ultimately, I like to present the Word of God and allow each client to form conclusions for themselves about what God is really like and how He is active in our lives.

Who are you as a person, and what kinds of things do you enjoy?

I’m an INFJ personality. I’m an introvert. I’m a Highly Sensitive Person. I’m a Christian, I’m a wife, I’m a friend.

I eat a plant-based diet and thrive as a homebody. I crochet, cook, read, and write. (Fun fact: I don’t own a television. I’m a digital minimalist.) I’m super happy to spend an hour sitting next to a lake or an afternoon with a friend (especially friends that have babies or toddlers). And I usually spend my evenings walking or relaxing with my husband.

I live close to Washington DC. Can you come and do a presentation in my church?

I am always open to invitations to present seminars on topics such as religious OCD, righteousness by faith, the law and grace, and understanding mental health from a Biblical perspective. If your church would like to host me for a seminar, send me an email and let’s talk!