Blasphemous Thoughts Quiz

Taking a blasphemous thoughts quiz can be helpful in your journey to understanding your uncomfortable spiritual thoughts. Blasphemous thoughts can have very different meanings, so it is important do a bit of analysis and get some feedback to understand what’s really going on.

Are you rebelling against a manipulative and abusive religious group? Are you suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder? Are you dealing with spiritual trauma? These kinds of experiences can cause angry or distorted spiritual thoughts, and taking a blasphemous thoughts quiz can help you understand yourself better.

In some cases, what you thought was blasphemous might not be blasphemous at all — it may just be so different from your faith community that you aren’t sure how to interpret it.

This quiz helps you understand your thoughts by analyzing a few specific points:

  1. Are these thoughts welcome or unwelcome?
  2. Are the ideas logical or senseless?
  3. What response do the blasphemous thoughts produce in you?
  4. What emotions do they call forth?

The questions in the blasphemous thoughts quiz can help you to identify whether these thoughts are from OCD or whether they are thoughts that indicate new spiritual directions.

Blasphemous Thoughts Quiz Result: New Spiritual Directions

It is possible for people in very radical faith communities to feel like they are having blasphemous thoughts if they question their leaders or think differently about certain beliefs. In religious groups where independent thinking and deviation from the norm is not encouraged, there can be a wide range of normal behaviors that “feel” wrong. For example,

  • Critical thoughts towards your religious leader
  • Disagreement with beliefs and practices
  • Feelings of resentment about religious demands

Ultimately, thinking through these difficult questions will strengthen your faith, not weaken it. If you find yourself in a faith community where questions are not tolerated, you may wish to reevaluate your devotion to that group.

Blasphemous Thoughts Quiz Result: Scrupulosity

On the other hand, blasphemous thoughts that feel unwanted, illogical, bizarre, and anxiety-inducing can be from religious OCD. These usually come in the form of “intrusive thoughts” — icky thoughts that just pop into your mind without warning and won’t go away.

These kinds of blasphemous thoughts are typically like the following:

  • Confused word order — replacing your name or an evil name with God’s name in prayers or song lyrics
  • Urges to curse God or use profanity against Him
  • Urges to deny God or Christ
  • Overwhelming negative emotions towards God that seem to have no cause
  • Disrespectful or sexual images of Jesus or other religious figures

These kinds of blasphemous thoughts typically are ego-dystonic and are very different from what you believe in your “true self.”

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If you have the blasphemous thoughts of OCD (the blasphemous thoughts quiz can help you determine that), you will need to treat these thoughts like a mental health problem, not a spiritual problem. Unlike the former type, OCD type thoughts are not worth analyzing or solving. They are symptoms of a brain glitch. They are unable to tell you anything accurate about your real spiritual life.

Thanks for taking the blasphemous thoughts quiz — if you have not yet read my Complete Guide to Blasphemous Thoughts, head over and take a look!