Uncertainty about spiritual themes makes me anxious.

I struggle with chronic doubts about spiritual questions.

Even after finding a good answer to my spiritual question, I begin to doubt it again.

I have constant doubts about my faith experience.

I seek spiritual reassurance through talking to others, through sermons/readings, or through internet searches.

If I don’t do the “right” thing, I feel that something bad will happen.

I feel guilty about things that don’t bother others.

It’s difficult for me to let go of my mistakes.

I have a hard time believing that God forgives me.

Seeing or thinking about something sinful makes me feel morally contaminated, even if I did not commit a sinful act.

It is hard for me to let go and trust God.

I feel responsible for things that are probably God’s job, not mine.

I get anxious about things I cannot control.

Letting go of my own works to trust God feels terrifying.

I feel like I need to be in a constant state of “doing something” for my salvation.

I am very moved by emotions in my religious life.

I get very worried if I don’t “feel” right with God.

I am more easily influenced by my feelings than by the Word.

I worry that something might be wrong with me if I do not feel the love, joy, and peace that God promised.

I can be spiritually intense in a way that I don’t like.

My fear of God is sometimes an unhealthy fear.

I feel that God judges me severely, dislikes me, or merely tolerates me.

My everyday operative view of God is scarier than the God presented in the Bible.

I feel that God expects me to figure out the answers to all my questions.

I feel that God only accepts a perfect performance.

I struggle with unwanted blasphemous thoughts.

I am terrified by bad thoughts about God or Satan that enter my mind.

I avoid spiritual activities or places that might trigger unwanted thoughts.

I regularly police my mind to prevent unwanted thoughts.

If I have an unwanted thought against God, I punish myself.

I overcommit to ministry, financial donations, or charitable causes.

I tend to approach God in a very perfectionistic, performance-based way.

I am constantly searching to find God’s purpose or calling for my life.

Doing good deeds for others or for my church can make my bad feelings go away.

Sometimes I feel that my relationship with God is all about checklists and performance.

I spend excessive amounts of time trying to solve my spiritual questions.

I seek reassurance from family members or clergy regarding my salvation or spiritual status.

I have chronic fears that I am not saved.

I fixate on spiritual concerns and find it hard to let things go.

I feel compelled to ask Jesus into my heart again or get baptized again “just to make sure.”

I perform spiritual rituals that involve counting, tapping, touching, opening, closing, moving, blowing, or other similar motions.

I get confused about possible hidden messages in signs and spiritual promptings.

Some of the “impressions” or “promptings” that seem to be from God tell me to do things that seem bizarre.

My focus on signs and hidden messages from God can be significantly distracting.

I have a time-consuming urge to make sure my relationship with God is “just right.”

I get frustrated by how long my prayers and confessions can take.

My actions are often motivated by fears of God’s judgment.

I restrict myself from things other people consider “normal,” like good food or nice clothes, because I am afraid of sin and pride.

I worry that I am prideful, selfish, or insincere.

Confession makes me anxious, but I have to do it.

I experience physical sensations which seem to have spiritual meaning.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve separated from my body.

When I experience physical pain or strange sensations, I focus on it because it may be God trying to tell me something.

I get anxious when something feels “off” in my body.

I have episodes where I feel dissociated from my mind or body, and I fear that this means something bad about my relationship with God.

I worry about moral themes that no one else would ever think of.

The danger of committing adultery in my heart can make me very anxious.

I spend too much time analyzing and ruminating about moral concerns.

I am always apologizing to someone because I am afraid I may have lied or hurt their feelings.

I worry constantly whether I have accidentally lied, stolen, committed adultery in my heart, or other violations of God’s law.