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Why Can't I Stop Doubting Everything About My Faith?

Faith and Doubt: Learning to Trust in the Midst of Uncertainty

Seeing God Through New Eyes: He Who Sees Me

Stop Ruminating and Start Resting in Christ!

Have I Committed the Unpardonable Sin?

I'm Still Okay: Avoiding Spiritual Checking Compulsions

How Can I Have Assurance of Salvation When I Doubt Everything?

New Covenant Prayer: Learning to Pray Without Anxiety

Beating OCD to Reclaim Healthy Faith Traditions

Not All Guilt Is True Guilt: Defining the Scrupulous Struggle

What's So Bad About Emotional Reasoning?

Nurturing the Wounded Soul: Broken Hearts, Trauma, and OCD

I Just Want to Feel Better: Reassurance Versus Biblical Comfort

Seeing God Through New Eyes: The Hidden Shepherd

Be Anxious for Nothing: How to Face Our Fears by Faith

What to Do When Feelings Seem Truer than Scripture

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Baptism and Altar Calls

Why Does God Allow This? A Primer for the Strugglers Among Us

I Don't WANT These Thoughts! Understanding Intrusive Thoughts

How to Discern God's Voice Without Getting Tied in a Knot

Are Intrusive Thoughts Sinful?

I Feel Like a Monster! Scrupulosity and Harm Obsessions

Once and Done: What Is a Valid Prayer for Salvation?

Seeing God Through New Eyes: Author and Finisher of Our Faith

3 Keys to Praying Sensibly (and Ending Your Prayer on Time)

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Prayer

4 Simple Steps to a Non-Scrupulous Prayer of Confession

Seeing God Through New Eyes: How God Forgets the Past

Understanding God's Wrath: A Gentle Presentation

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Communion

How to Identify an OCD Spiral (So You Can Walk the Other Way)

Seeing God Through New Eyes: The Holy Spirit, Our Helper

Self-Respect as a Work in Progress

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Charity and Giving

Fear: The Hidden Root of OCD

Seeing God Through New Eyes: He Who Binds Up Our Wounds

The Numbness Conundrum: Why "Not Feeling" Makes Us Panic

Magical Thinking: When OCD Patterns Hijack Our Spirituality

Why Avoidance Compulsions Won't Help You Avoid Anxiety

How to Study the Bible Fearlessly (Part I)

How to Study the Bible Fearlessly (Part II)

Seeing God Through New Eyes: Our Balanced God

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Devotionals

Yes, You Can Do It! Biblical Foundations for ERP

Seeing God Through New Eyes: Our Gentle Father

More Encouragement for Blasphemous Thoughts

Is It Bad to Like Something? How to Deal with Idolatry Obsessions

Is It an OCD Issue or a Spiritual Issue? Dealing with Doubt

"Just Right" Obsessions: How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself 

The Holy Spirit's Role in Healing

Reclaiming Healthy Traditions: A Sabbath Rest for Body and Mind

How to Relate to Real Sin When You Have Religious OCD

The New Covenant: God at Work in Me

Seeing God Through New Eyes: Wrathful Judge or Loving Father?

The Secret to Instant Relief from False Guilt

The Ultimate Guide to Righteousness by Faith

Does God Expect Me to Feel "Sorry Enough" When I Repent?

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Confession

The Anxious Control Monster: Why We Can't Let Go

How to Cast Our Cares on God--and Leave Them There

Seeing God Through New Eyes: When He Shoulders My Burdens

Faith and Works: A Primer for the Struggling Legalist

How to Stop Freaking Out When Things Can't Be "Just Right"

Hairsplitting Perfectionism, Rigidity, and Tools to Set Us Free

Control and Responsibility: What If My Sins Hurt Others?

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Making Vows

Is God Mad? Breaking Through Emotion-Based Spiritual Hangups

Pay No Mind: OCD and Fear of the Demonic Realm

Seeing God Through New Eyes: He Who Knows My Thoughts

Why Your OCD Wants You to Believe in the Magical

How to Float Through a Blasphemous Episode

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Evangelism

Assurance of Salvation, Not Reassurance of Salvation

Is God Testing Me, or Is It My OCD?

A Positive Presentation of the Falling Away of Hebrews 6

The One Step to Having Acceptance with God

What to Do With Guilty Feelings When God Has Already Forgiven

What's the Difference Between Consequences and Punishment?

Haunted by Our Mistakes: How the New Covenant Can Help

Learning to Forgive Yourself

Discovering God's Truth without Obsessively Ruminating

Understanding OCD and Addictive Behavior

Spiritual Dysmorphia: I Hate Who I See in the Mirror!

Stop Getting Caught in Your Thoughts: The Art of Redirecting

The Tenuous Relationship Between Faith and Emotions

How Shame Holds Us Captive in Our Compulsive Spirals

Keys to Overcoming Spiritual Burnout

How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself with Self-Harm Punishment

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Fasting and Feasting

Reducing Spiritual Fear Through Filial Reframing

The Role of Courage in Managing Compulsions

Paradigm Shifts for Emotional Freedom

Thinking Like a "Normal" Person: The "Sound Mind" Concept

Why Do I Have Blasphemous Thoughts? (And What to Do About it)

How to Appropriately Express Our Negative Emotions

The Single Reason We Always Get Stuck on "Dangerous" Thoughts

The Unpardonable Sin: It's Not What You Think It Is

Reclaiming Healthy Faith Traditions: Church Attendance

Pride and Humility: A Particularly Sticky Obsession

Seeing God Through New Eyes: Our Willing Healer

Holistic Approaches to Spiritual Healing (Part I)

Holistic Approaches to Spiritual Healing (Part II)