Group Coaching Guidelines

  • We begin with prayer and a Biblical meditation on a topic that is relevant to overcoming scrupulosity. Then we will transition into light Q&A topics that will not trigger other group members. Those who wish to stay past the turn of the hour can ask "heavier" questions. If you feel your question might disturb a more sensitive group member, please save it for this last ten minutes or so. Conversely, if you feel uneasy with other people’s questions, feel free to leave early.
  • Please be kind and courteous at all times, and share the floor during the Q&A session.
  • There is a function in Zoom that allows you to raise your "digital" hand. This is appreciated because it helps me notice you.
  • You may leave your camera off if it makes you more comfortable, but I would love to see you so I can match a face to your name and voice!
  • Please do not ask group members for their contact information, as this can put undue pressure on them to provide support during a time when they themselves are trying to get better. You may offer your contact to anyone you wish, but please do not ask for theirs.
  • Group sessions are never under any circumstance to be recorded. These are very private and intimate events where group members are sharing their deepest struggles. Protecting my group members' privacy is very important to me. You are welcome to talk to family members and friends about what you're learning in the group, but sharing a recording or transcript of the private discussions of group members in a public online setting is prohibited and will result in your immediate removal from group membership.
  • Notes and slides from each session will be made available for download.